Penzión Limba** - Donovaly


tel: +421 48 419 9726
fax: +421 48 429 9066
mobil: +421 915 802 997

An integral part of the pension is Bowling bar.

Water is life, health ... Dive into the pool with a temperature of 27-30 ° C.

The date of 20.12.2012 was granted permission to operate a public shooting range.

Our chefs will prepare specialties of local cuisine.

Pension Limba ** is an ideal place for organizing various business conferences, seminars and...

Pension Limba ** is situated in the village of Donovaly.

Outside of Donovaly

  • Reservation with slovak folk architecture: Vlkolínec ( it has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site )
  • Špania dolina - this site is home to a unique sluice system that in the distant past was used to carry water from Prašiva’s slopes to the mines in Špania dolina. Špania dolina itself features unique and preserved rural architecture, which is one its reasons for being declared a folk architecture heritage preserve. Some of the wooden homes date back more than 400 years.
  • Staré hory – is  ancient pilgrimage place with a rich tradition. From initially a small mining village is today internationally recognized Marian pilgrimage site, which annually welcomes thousands of pilgrims from Slovakia. Starohorský church with gracious statue of the Virgin Mary and the nearby Studnička brings spiritual encouragement and cleansing for believers, as well as unbelievers ...
  • Caves: Harmanec cave
  • Monuments: Monument of Josef  Dekret Matejovie, Kalište, Špania Dolina mining water supply
  • “ Bird´s garden” in the village Liptovské Revúce
  • historical towns: Banská Bystrica, Zvolen, Banská Štiavnica, Kremnica
  • thermal swimming pools: Aquapark Poprad, Tatralandia in Liptovský Mikuláš, Bešeňová